Congress Passes Autism Research Bill

Posted: December 11, 2006 in autism, congress, legislation, research

At last some good news from the battleground in the House – the Combatting Autism Act, which authorizes nearly $1 billion in research and had, until recently, been the target of obstruction on the part of Texas Republican Joe Barton, has passed the Senate unanimously. Read the full story here.

Finally, maybe autism researchers and families can start making some progress in battling this growing epidemic. The rate of children developing autism and related disorders is orders of magnitude greater than for any other disease, including diabetes, leukemia or muscular distrophy, yet until recently, the government’s contribution to researching it has been paltry at best.

I’m not saying that the extra money will lead to a cure right away. But at least we might be able to make some progress. Money doesn’t cure all ills, but it sure makes it easier to buy the medicine.

I just hope the people doing the research have the courage to accept the results without resorting to politics and conflicts of interest.


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