Apple Computer – best in the industry

Posted: January 8, 2007 in Apple, computer, iPod, iTunes, music, video

Not a rant this time, but a rave.

We just got one of the new iPods, the iPod Video with the 80GB disk, and all I can say is “wow”! This thing is awesome! Set-up couldn’t have been easier, thanks to the latest incarnation of iTunes, and the hardware design and quality are superb.

Once again, Apple Computer demonstrates why it’s the most imitated company and product line ever created.

I’ll admit, I was a little leery of the “video” aspect of it. After all, why would anyone watch a feature film on that dinky little screen? Well, if you get a third-party RCA-to-video cable (available at Radio Shack for about $15) you can plug your iPod directly into the A/V inputs on your television and watch movies on the big screen. Of course, the quality of MP4 format is not nearly what you’d expect from cable or DVD, but hey, it still beats carrying around a huge book of disks. Apple says the 80-GB HDD can hold up to 40 hours of video, or 15 to 20 feature-length movies. That’s not too shabby.

Video quality varies from producer to producer. I watched two science video podcasts from NPR and the difference was barely noticeable, even on my 32″ screen. NBC’s “Meet the Press”, however, was not so good. Even watching it on my 15″ computer monitor was unbearable, and the quality was very poor even on the iPod’s screen. So producers have a fair way to go before they’re ready for big-time podcasting. The amateurs seem to have caught on quickly, though.

Last year there was a lot of talk about Microsoft’s new “Zune” MP3 player, which was supposed to be the new “iPod killer”. I have two words for that – yeah, right! Apple has dominated the MP3 player market since the introduction of the first iPod, and I predict it will continue to do so. By now, the words “Microsoft” and “virus” are almost inextricably linked in the public imagination, and the idea of a Microsoft product being able to beam files to any other similar device in range gives me the willies. I’m sure others are thinking the same thing. How long before the first Zune-based worm, trojan or virus shows up? Besides, why buy something that looks kinda like an iPod, when you can get the real thing?

Nope, Apple Computer and its excellent product line are here to stay. I’m proud to say we are a Mac-only household and will remain one as long as Apple is around. And with the introduction of the Intel-based Macs, there really is no reason to buy a PC again.


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