Free Speech

Posted: January 12, 2007 in arizona, freedom, lies, politics, protest

This just in from Arizona: state Senator Jim Waring, a Republican, has proposed legislation that would make it illegal to profit from using the name of a soldier killed in action without the family’s permission.

While I certainly sympathize with the intent of the bill, I cannot support it. You see, as with all things of this nature, at the heart of it is a political statement with which the good senator disagrees.

Apparently someone in Flagstaff (whose name I shall not mention, out of concern for his privacy and free speech rights) is selling a shirt bearing the names of over 2,800 of our soldiers killed in Iraq so far, with “Bush Lied, They Died” as its headline. Whether you agree with the war, sympathize with the families (it’s hard not to) or disagree with this particular instance of political speech, one thing is, I believe, unarguable. That is, that this type of political discourse, is exactly what the now-3000+ men and women who have died in Iraq, gave their lives to defend.

Free speech cannot be regulated, restricted, taxed, filed, monitored, numbered or limited.

Any attempt to do so leads to dictatorship. And that’s not what they, and the 23,000+ wounded over there, have fought to defend.


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