Now can we impeach them?

Posted: June 27, 2007 in lies, politics, republicans

Vice President Dick Cheney is on record now refusing to comply with an Executive Order requiring members of the executive branch to retain classified information. Apparently he’s not subject to this because, in his words, he’s “not an entity within the Executive Branch.” Check it out:

Oversight Committee on the Vice President and Classified Information

By now, Constitutional scholars have already expended considerable ink and brainpower debunking this latest line of bullshit. Seriously, now, has he even bothered to read the Constitution? Article 2? If he’s not part of the Executive branch, then what the hell is he?

And for that matter, where’s the outrage? The public reaction has been so muted, it’s almost nonexistent. If it weren’t for Jon Stewart and the Daily Show, many of us probably wouldn’t have heard about it. Have we become so inured to the lies, deception, and corruption that pours from this administration like water from a broken fire hydrant that when the Veep says something so transparently, patently, obviously untrue, that our reaction is to simply throw up our hands and say “whatever”?

I really hope not. For to long this crowd had a sycophantic, rubber-stamp, right-wing congress to back up its ridiculous claims and support its moronic policies. I hope the Democrats grow a pair and (finally) show this jackass he’s not above the law, even if he is beneath contempt.


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