Bush supports the troops…

Posted: July 17, 2007 in congress, military, politics

…or maybe not.

This is a little old but still worth repeating, since it got so little attention last time.

Veterans face budget increase, then big cuts

In case the link goes bad, the gist of the article is this. In the budget for FY09, the Veterans’ Administration medical budget will be increased by 9%, to $39.6 billion. However, in years following, it will drop to $38.8 billion and then remain essentially frozen until 2012. This at a time when when the VA’s medical costs have risen consistently by 10% annually, is up 83% since Bush took office, and the number of veterans needing treatment is expected to rise by 26% next year alone. He claims the cuts will help balance the budget by 2012.

This is the same president who has given sweetheart deals to corporate cronies, giveaway tax deals to the wealthiest 1%, and tried to fight two wars while simultaneously slashing the defense budget and active-duty personnel authorizations.

This man simply cannot do math. It’s why we now have record deficits and spiraling national debt after 6 years of his so-called “leadership”.

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