Remember when protesting the president was patriotic?

Posted: August 23, 2007 in america, politics, protest, republicans

News that the Bush White House actually has a manual on how to handle anti-Bush protestors has received national attention lately, at least from legitimate news outlets. The story was reported in the Washington Post, ABC News, and on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews.

“Conservative” commentators and news outlets such as Rush Limbaugh & Ann Coulter, and Fox News and others have been conspicuously silent about it. I’m not expecting it to be front-page news; after all, the notion that this administration is a) secretive and b) intolerant of dissent is hardly news at all. It’s been common knowledge for years. However, considering how critical the extreme right was about the staged “photo-op” speeches put on by Clinton, it would be nice if they had something to say about it.

Not that we could expect anything other than the usual sycophantic, self-righteous, moralizing, mindless hypocrisy they’ve been so notable for and capable of providing in the past six years.

Remember when the right wing actually thought protest was patriotic? It was our duty, our right to protest. When Clinton operatives actively worked to prevent protestors from disrupting his photo ops, Limbaugh and Coulter howled like wounded rats. It was unAmerican and dictatorial, after all! Protest was our civil right! Our founding fathers fought against that sort of thing, and for Clinton to silence dissent was nothing short of tyranny! Now the shoe’s on the other foot, their ox is being gored, and apparently that ethic only applies when a Democrat is sitting in the White House.

Note to Neocons: dissent is always patriotic. Even when it’s your guy being protested.


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