Tony Snow’s Last Day

Posted: September 13, 2007 in politics

Well, today is Tony Snow’s last day as Press Secretary for the worst President in American History. According to news reports, he is quitting to take care of his health, which has been in decline since doctors discovered a resurgence of cancer in March.

I wish him well.

The job of Press Secretary is an unenviable one. One must be equal parts sycophant and attack dog, defending the administration’s policies and actions in open forum discussion with reporters from around the world. At times you must be prepared to defend the indefensible, no mean feat when we’re talking about a President whose very existence often borders on indefensible. But Tony Snow was uniquely up to the challenge, intelligent and articulate, a gifted public speaker, quick witted and able to think on his feet like no other. And, of course, a charter member of the NeoCon revolution.

He did his job like no other, and I’m sure he’ll be missed. I hope his recovery goes well. It’ll be a new experience for him, fighting his own cancer after having spent so much time defending one for the past few years.


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