Bring Back the Draft

Posted: September 17, 2007 in military, protest, video, war

Our military is exhausted. Our nation’s fighting men and women have been subjected to repeat deployments, extended tours in hell, and a leadership hardly worthy of the title. Recruitment is at such abysmal levels that the Army has been forced to issue “moral waivers” and to increase the maximum recruiting age to 44. And it still can’t meet its requirements.

As the war in Iraq drags on, older troops are retiring at record rates (I counted 2 per day at my last base), younger troops are increasingly choosing to separate rather than re-enlist, and divorces, suicides and other marital problems are at record within the ranks. Training is suffering, morale is in the toilet, and dissension is beginning to spread within the ranks.

Clearly, we have a problem. We can’t continue like this and expect to maintain a vibrant, vital fighting force.

I have the solution. We must bring back the draft.


Yep. Bring it back. And not a half-assed, Vietnam-era style “go if you feel like it” draft that someone like Dick Cheney could get five deferments for. I’m talking the real deal here. I mean a World War II-style, “line up and get your gear, then get over there and fight” sort of draft.

And no deferments. Well, except for physical limitations or developmental problems, and documented medical problems. But no student deferments or other such BS. And especially, no exceptions for homosexuality. If this thing is really as important as the President, the Vice President, and their lackeys, cronies and sycophants say it is, then we need everyone we can get to go over there and kick ass.

Of course, we’ll need to raise taxes to pay for all these new bodies, but hey, if it’s that important, a little thing like money shouldn’t stop us from doing the job right.

Does this sound harsh? I haven’t even begun. I have here a partial list of people I’d like to see shipped off first:

  1. The Bush daughters. He started this, his family should suffer along with everyone else. I don’t want to see another soldier come home in a wheelchair or coffin until the President’s daughters go to Iraq in a uniform.
  2. Dick Cheney. He was a coward the last time his country needed him; the least he can do is risk his ass this time. As far as I’m concerned, he’s not too old to go. The sooner the better.
  3. Mitt Romney’s sons. He insulted the memories and service of every man and woman in uniform when he compared his sons’ cowardice in not serving with fighting for democracy in Iraq. They should go, and so should he.
  4. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, G. Gordon Liddy, Bill O’Reilly, and all the other chickenhawk Republicans. They supported this fiasco, and continue to do so despite what it’s doing to the country; they should get a first-hand experience on the front lines seeing what’s really happening over there.
  5. Hummer Drivers. Anyone who owns or is thinking of buying a Hummer. If you want to drive one, have the guts to enlist and drive the real thing. From now on, every Hummer should come with complimentary enlistment papers.

And so on. Does that sound harsh? Maybe you think the military has gotten on pretty well on an all-volunteer force? Well, look where that’s landed us now. The AVF has become the perfect excuse for NOT serving, and an even better one for not getting involved. I’ve heard a lot of “thank you”s over the past few years, but sadly, I’ve heard even more “you knew what you were getting into”‘s. Worse, I’ve heard them from people who had no idea what service is like.

Right now, 100% of the burden of this war is being borne solely by the soldiers, their wives and husbands, and their children. Less than 1% of the population of this country is actually, directly affected by it.

The rest have no idea what’s going on. Even those who support the war are clueless about what’s really happening. Not one iota of real sacrifice has been asked of them, and less has been given.

The draft would change all that. It would bring it home to millions of Americans in a deeply personal way.

If more Americans had to serve, if more Americans were forced to shoulder their share of, then fewer would support the war.

I guess that’s the REAL reason the idiots responsible for this misguided, mismanaged, moronic military misadventure don’t want to re-institute the draft. They don’t want to see more of this:


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