Pelosi says she’ll hold Bush accountable

Posted: September 26, 2007 in america, congress, democrats, impeachment, legislation, war

In a recent interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she would hold the president “accountable” for the time and conduct of the war. Here’s the video of the interview:

Pelosi: We will “hold this administration accountable”

We’ll see. I watched the interview and not once was the word “impeachment” mentioned, by either Ms. Pelosi or Mr. Blitzer. Instead, she will merely continue to throw bills on Bush’s desk and let him keep vetoing them.

That’s what passes for “accountability” these days.

We have a president who has repeatedly obstructed legitimate investigations by ignoring Congressional subpoenas, subverted the Constitution to his own purposes, used the military to settle a personal grudge (at the cost of thousands of lives).

He has repeatedly demonstrated his utter lack of respect for anyone other than himself and his cronies, lackeys and sycophants, and yet Pelosi continues to persist in entertaining the delusion that he “respects her position”.

When she took impeachment off the table at the start of her tenure, she removed a valuable tool of state and weapon in her arsenal against this tyrant. Impeachment is the most valuable check against unitary power Congress has. It’s there for a reason. The founding fathers feared the Executive branch above all others specifically because of its unique capability to concentrate power in one man. They knew what unitary power could do, and set up checks and balances against it.

Bush and Cheney have done everything they can to dismantle that system of checks and balances, and they’ve done it with the active compliance of a largely sycophantic Congress. Now that the opposition party has the majority, it’s time they brought back that system, and used it to full effect.

Bring back impeachment, Ms. Pelosi. Use the tools our founding fathers gave us, and bring an end to this reign of terror.


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