Unlawful Combatant Update

Posted: October 2, 2007 in Blackwater, lies, war

From the department of “gee, what a shock”, the following report comes to us in the New York Times:

Report Says Firm Sought to Cover Iraq Shootings

Blackwater USA is quickly becoming the poster child for everything that’s wrong about the war in Iraq. When President Bush failed to build the “Coalition of the Willing” in 2003 he instead built a “Coalition of the Billing”. Blackwater has made millions profiting off the war, and is the largest “Private Military Company” or PMC over there.

Their “shoot first, ask questions later” approach to security has finally bitten them in the ass. Who would believe that a mercenary army founded by a former Navy SEAL and so-called “born again Christian” would become mired in one of the biggest ethical scandals in American history?

Well, anyone could have seen this coming. We sent a bunch of wannabe soldiers over to a war zone with no oversight, no accountability and a lot of money to fund their operations. That’s like giving your guns, car keys, and credit cards to a bunch of drunken frat boys.

It’s time for the Fedayeen Bush to be disbanded. Its assets should be seized and redistributed to the families of those they’ve killed.  They’ve outlived their uselessness. Blackwater USA is a national embarrassment and disgrace.

It’s also time to hold the Administration accountable for its mismanagement of the war, the military, and the country. The president needs to stop hiding behind “executive privilege” every time he’s asked a question. He needs to be compelled to answer them, and if he doesn’t, it’s time to consider impeachment.

  1. Mike says:

    You have no clue do you. All your information is based off of liberal media bullshit. Apparently it sounds like your pissed because they wouldn’t hire you. Were you there? Did you see what happened? And are you positive that the ”classified documents you read, you can accuratley come to a reasonable conclusion, as to what your stating, that blackwater is to blame ? I dont see what your point is and you have no truth or facts to state what your saying.

  2. Afrit007 says:

    Get a grip. No, I wasn’t there. No, I didn’t see what happened. Yes, I read the reports, at least what we were allowed to see. And WTF are you talking about by mentioning “classified documents?” I never said that. Stop putting words in my mouth.

    Do you really think my opposition and despite of Blackwater is mere sour grapes? Please. There are so many valid reasons to despise them other than that. Perhaps it’s the fact that the lowest paid Blackwater mercenary gets five times the average pay of a mid-grade Army NCO to do the same job. That’s a fact, not my opinion.

    I made my point. It’s not my fault you couldn’t see it.