The new American Police State

Posted: October 5, 2007 in america, police state, protest, tyranny, video

Recently a woman died in police custody after being arrested for “disorderly conduct” at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport. She had been apprehended and taken to a holding cell, where apparently she had been left alone long enough to end up with a chain wrapped around her neck.

Here’s the arrest video:

The woman, according to reports, was upset and angry after having been denied boarding for her connecting flight. Three fat TSA blackshirts (THREE!) arrested her, took her into custody and left her alone, eventually returning to find her unresponsive and eventually, well, dead. The police are “investigating”.

I suppose what’s really shocking about this is the fact that it’s happening so often these days. Airport authorities have been behaving increasingly like thugs with no accountability. When they’re caught misbehaving or worse, brutalizing citizens, they initiate bogus “investigations”, withhold vital evidence, and release doctored videos that purport to show their actions were justified.

Of course, the cops will likely never be held accountable, because they were “acting in accord with public safety.” Or, if you prefer, “just doing their jobs.”

“Only following orders.”

It all starts so simply. First they detained Arabs and anyone who looked like an Arab. Or had an Arabic sounding name. It seemed reasonable at the time, didn’t it? After all, it was Arabs who flew the planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, so why shouldn’t we be suspicious of them?

If it had stayed that way, or even dissipated in the years following 9/11, maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad. Maybe eventually we would have decided it wasn’t entirely rational to be suspicious of an entire race of people just because of the actions of 20 bad apples…

But it didn’t stay that way, did it? No, after a while they started detaining or restricting movements of ordinary citizens. The rules got sillier and less comprehensible. And the airlines got increasingly dictatorial in their enforcement.

Pretty soon, more of “us” became the “them” that we were trying to watch. Mothers travelling with infants became suspects, as many were forced to drink breast milk or baby formula in front of security guards. And God help you if you questioned the guards’ authority.

Now you can be forcibly detained, and just might die, in police custody, and no one will be held accountable.

Sound familiar? It should… we fought against this sort of police state tyranny for the entire 70 years of the Soviet Union’s history.

We fought against this sort of arbitrary governmental policy when we fought to keep South Korea free.

We sent 3,500 men and women to their graves, and 30,000 more to the hospital, to remove just such a dictator from Iraq.

Eastern Europeans struggled against it for most of the 20th century before the Berlin Wall finally came down.

And now it’s happening here.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.



  1. Oh but now they have the PERFECT excuse! What are they calling it? Something like “delusional hysteria”? OH, so THAT’s what these folks are dying from! It does not matter WHAT you want to call it anyhow, because it’s BULLS–T. If there WERE such a thing, really, you would hear of alot more folks dying from it. Where are all the deaths from this new disorder in OTHER traumatic situations??? According to the police excuse, there should have been numerous deaths from this disorder on 9-11, it would be nearly impossible to go to war because so many soldiers would be dropping dead from it. Any severely stressful event would be producing deaths regularly if this is the case. Boy, they must think we are REALLY DUMB.

    A lot of us know what police are all about. The number one thing they do EVERY SINGLE DAY on the job is LIE. You can’t even BE a cop if you can’t be a good lier! It’s how they “solve” most of their cases! Altho I think they would make a lot more money a lot more honorably in Hollywood as actors… If we don’t start standing up to these evil a–holes, it will just keep getting worse. We should be fighting tooth and nail for citizens review boards!!!!!

    So, just keep pointing out every time a cop does something questionable. If everybody did, maybe some things would have to change.

  2. Sandman says:

    I approved this post not because I agree or disagree with it, but to illustrate the sort of feelings that are out there regarding the police and the state of affairs in America.

    I have nothing but respect for the police. As a former member of the uniformed services, I understand what it is to do an unpopular, underpaid, overtasked job. You work long hours for little pay and less reward, and get nothing but complaints from the very people you’re working to protect.

    All cops are not liars, nor are they all honorable people. Cops, like everyone else, are human. But they have an obligation to PROTECT the public. This incident, and other recent ones such as the tasering last month, are simply indicative of how far we have slid in this country toward a true fascist police state.