Please tell me they aren’t

Posted: October 24, 2007 in america, Bush, military, politics

President Bush has been carousing about Europe lately, trying desperately to sell his American-style xenophobia to an already-skeptical European audience.  Once again, the spectre of ballistic missile defense has been raised, under the usual worst-case-scenario of Muslim extremists attacking America or her allies with weapons they don’t have.

Russia has been objecting to this ridiculous proposal since its inception, of course.  So have many of our own government officials and agencies.  Not that that cuts any ice with Dubya.  No, as usual, he’s decided that the rest of the world is wrong, and the only solution is for the U.S. to go forward alone, regardless of reality.

Ballistic missile defense is another pie-in-the-sky notion, a hideously expensive boondoggle that only benefits the contractors working on it.  It was never seriously implemented during the Reagan administration, when it was first proposed, and with good reason.  It’s completely unworkable, too expensive to develop and maintain, and ultimately useless.  The success of the program lay not in its implementation but in the threat of its implementation.  We never developed it seriously because we knew we’d never need it.  The idea that we were developing such a system prompted the Soviet Union to boost its own spending beyond what it could handle, and eventually bankrupted their economy.

But in typical fashion, our esteemed leader and his loyal minions have taken it beyond its logical conclusion and actually attempted to turn fantasy into reality.

We’ve already spent too much of our defense dollars on this ridiculous waste.  It’s time it ended.  We don’t need it, it won’t work, and it’s a complete waste of money, resources and time.  Better to take the money and spend it on things our troops actually need, like better body armor, improved anti-IED systems, and better pay.

The countries that Dubya is so paranoid about aren’t going to attack us with nukes.  They aren’t as stupid as he is.  But his brand of blustering, bullying bullshit won’t stop them trying to develop the very weapons we’re most afraid of.


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