It’s about time

Posted: November 1, 2007 in america, anti-truth, cult, hate, lies, protest

Remember the Westboro Baptist Church? You know, the fundie wacko cult from Kansas that thinks America is going to hell (except for them, of course)? The raving lunatic hatemongers that show up at soldiers’ funerals and wave placards saying things like “God Hates America” and “Thank God for IEDs”?


They’ve been sued, successfully, by one of the victims of their ridiculous rants. A jury recently awarded the father of a soldier killed in action $11 million in damages against the WBC.

It’s about time.

Of course, there’s almost no chance the WBC will pay up. The entire congregation consists of about 75 mostly uneducated, inbred hicks, and the church’s assets are reportedly less than $1 million. So this is mostly a symbolic victory.

But it’s still a victory. It’s about time these idiots got a boot up their collective asses.


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