Goof Defends Mook

Posted: November 2, 2007 in Uncategorized

Geez, you’d think from the way the President has come out defending Mukasey that he was the only person qualified to be Attorney General. According to Bush, “Judge Mukasey is not being treated fairly” and the Senators holding up his confirmation have “lost sight of the fact that we’re at war.”

Interesting theory. Unfortunately, it’s also complete Bushit.

First of all, if people have forgotten we’re at war, it’s Bush’s fault, not the Democrats’. It’s his administration, after all, that has worked so hard to keep the war out of the public imagination. It’s now reached the point where to many Americans, the war is only slightly less real than “Halo 3” or “Medal of Honor” or any other war-related video game. More on this later.

Second, for all of Bush’s whining about “unfair treatment”, the fact is that Mukasey’s confirmation hearing is being given the care and consideration that should have been applied in the case of former Attorney General Gonzales, who was appointed by Mr. Bush during a Congressional recess and turned out to be the absolute least competent man to ever occupy the position. It takes quite a stretch of the imagination to believe that the questioning Mukasey is being subjected to is excessive, harsh or unfair, after the unmitigated disaster of Gonzo.

Mukasey may turn out to be even worse, if that were possible. This is, after all, the man who responded to a Jordanian immigrant’s allegations that he was beaten in a federal detention center by saying “he looks fine to me.”

This, plus his recent semantic non-answers to questions about the torture being conducted at Gitmo and other “detention facilities” should be more than enough to convince anyone with half a brain that he should not be confirmed as Attorney General. The last thing this administration needs is another rubber-stamp for its misguided, illegal, unconstitutional and unAmerican policies.

We suffered long enough with that idiot Gonzales in the Attorney General’s spot. We don’t need a repeat of that disaster. Mukasey has already demonstrated the only quality Bush seems to consider important for the job – a willingness to protect his boss at all costs.

Mukasey is nothing more than another administration lackey. The Senate should send this lackey packin’.


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