Fox Noise’s John Gibson – off the deep end, again

Posted: November 28, 2007 in anti-truth, Bush, fox news, lies

On November 21st, John Gibson, in one of his usual clueless, sycophantic rants, stated that he would like to give a medal to whoever outed ex-CIA agent Valerie Plame. Here’s the video, and a link to the full text:

Who Should Get Medal for Outing Valerie Plame?

This is just unbelievable. Gibson, and the rest of the talking heads at Fox Noise, are still laboring under the delusions that 1) Bush is an honest man who did not lie repeatedly to the American people, the world, and anyone else who would listen in order to start a misguided, mismanaged and largely disastrous war, and 2) that Saddam Hussein really was trying to build a nuclear weapon instead of merely creating the appearance of doing so in order to mislead idiots like, well, John Gibson and George Bush.

This is exactly why I stopped watching Fox Noise. There’s no actual news being reported on it any more. It’s just a bunch of mindless, sycophantic, talking heads repeating whatever propaganda the administration spews at them. And then they have the nerve to call themselves “fair and balanced.”

The text of the rant is easier to break down than the video, but then that’s what video is for, to make the bullshit harder to dissect. Let’s begin, shall we?

First, on the subject of giving a medal to the person who exposed Valerie Plame’s CIA role, Gibson says she was “actively working against an elected president’s publicly stated policies” as an “anti-Bush liberal.” This, in Gibson’s twisted world view, makes her fair game for any administration toady to expose her, end her career, and potentially derail any projects she was working on at the time. Gibson’s statements imply that he believes the CIA exists to serve the President’s whim by building support for whatever policies he has in place at the time – facts and actual intelligence be damned. The notion that the pre-war intelligence did not, in fact, support the President’s plans cuts no ice with Gibson. Plame and her husband were acting “against an elected president” by telling the truth instead of what he wanted to hear, and that makes them “anti-Bush liberals”. The intelligence branch of the CIA is not the official propaganda wing of the Executive Branch, whatever Rove, Gibson, and the other neocon morons think. We don’t yet have a KGB operating in this country, and now’s not the time to start.

Second, intelligence operations are complex and multilayered. Remove one layer and there’s no telling what other operations or activities you’ll unravel. According to some sources, one of Plame’s jobs within the CIA was to track Iranian nuke programs and find ways to prevent them from developing nuclear technology. So, by bringing her 20-year career to a screeching halt, Rove & Co. didn’t just remove a thorny obstacle to Bush & Cheney’s precious little war, they also caused potentially irreparable harm to their own efforts at nuclear proliferation. How’s that grab you, Johnny Boy? Rove, by “outing” Ms. Plame, may be guilty of allowing one of our worst enemies to obtain nukes. Thats, um…. treason? Yeah, that’s the word I was looking for.

By the way, if you want to know what Valerie Plame did at the CIA, here’s the link.

So, we have a President who used falsified intelligence to start an illegal, unconstitutional war, a functionary who illegally revealed the identity of a CIA operative working on counter-nuclear proliferation, and a television commentator who thinks they should both get a medal.

Karl Rove shouldn’t get a medal. He betrayed and endangered the country.  He’s a traitor. He should be sharing a cell with Aldrich Ames or Jonathan Pollard.



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