Retired Generals chastize Bush for wrecking the services

Posted: December 5, 2007 in america, Bush, military, protest, war

December 4th, 2007 – Today a full-page ad ran in the New York Times. It was purchased by Stand Up, a grass-roots organization founded by four retired Army Generals and one retired Air Force Colonel. The ad is available on the website, and I highly recommend everyone see it. It’s very brief, succinct, and well written.

It accuses the President and Vice President (though not by name) of needlessly endangering our troops, squandering the treasury, and destroying our reputation abroad by miring us in endless war in Iraq.

What can I possibly say about this except that they’re absolutely right? Our military is already stretched beyond the breaking point as it is. Soldiers return home from year-long tours, only to be sent off again after less than a month of leave with their families. Equipment is breaking, desertions are at an all-time high even for wartime, the military medical system and VA can’t keep up with the numbers of wounded and maimed servicemen, and the Army has been forced to lower its standards in order to meet recruitment goals.

“Disaster” doesn’t even begin to describe what’s happened over there. In the military we have a term that’s more appropriate to the situation:


This war was the most unnecessary, unplanned, mismanaged, ill-conceived clusterfuck in the history of clusterfucks.

It was perpetrated by a bunch of walking clusterfucks who shouldn’t have ever been elected in the first place.

Starting another needless, endless, mindless war with Iran will accomplish three things, none of them good.  It will get more Americans killed for no purpose, destroy yet another country for no reason, and it will inspire even more Islamic anti-American radicalism.

War with Iran is the last thing we need.  Sadly, war seems to be the only thing this President seems to understand.


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