Another day, another betrayal

Posted: January 3, 2008 in america, Bush, health care, military

It’s day 383 of the Final Year of Bush (FYOB from now on), and today we highlight yet another wholesale betrayal of our nation’s best and bravest.

It seems now, according to our esteemed “leader”, that the fact that veterans and retirees are able to obtain affordable health care as a reward for dedicating their lives to serving this great country, is “unfair” to the taxpayer.  Read about it here:

Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report

Veteran Fee Increases
The budget proposal also would require veterans younger than age 65 to pay more for TRICARE, the military health care program, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports. The proposed fee increases would affect about 3.1 million military retirees and their families nationwide. Annual enrollment fees for TRICARE Prime, the managed care program, currently are $230 for an enlisted retiree or retired officer and $460 for a family. Under the proposal, the fees would increase to $325 for a junior enlisted retiree and $650 for a family; $475 for a senior enlisted retiree and $950 for a family; and $700 for a retired officer and $1,400 for a family. The fees are based on retirement income levels (Fitzsimons, San Diego Union-Tribune, 2/14). In addition, under the proposal, copayments in the TRICARE retail pharmacy network would increase to $5 from $3 for generic medication and to $15 from $9 for brand-name treatments (Tacoma News Tribune, 2/11). Defense Department analysts have estimated that, without increased fees, TRICARE expenses could reach $64 billion, or 12% of the estimated department budget, by 2015. Under the proposal, the fee increases would “be phased in over two years beginning in October 2007,” the Union-Tribune reports (San Diego Union-Tribune, 2/14).

But wait, it gets better!

Big hike in Tricare fees is endorsed

In a lengthy report delivered Dec. 20 to Defense leaders and to Congress, the task force endorses even steeper increases in retiree out-of-pocket costs than proposed by the Bush administration over the past two years. But fee increases would be phased in over four years instead of two.

The task force, whose co-chairmen are Air Force Gen. John D.W. Corley, commander of Air Combat Command, and economist Gail Wilensky, goes much farther in calling for sweeping changes to the business of military health care. Even on the matter of retiree cost shares it is more aggressive, proposing phased adoption of a $120 annual enrollment fee for Tricare Standard, the traditional fee-for-service health insurance, and for Tricare for Life, the prized wrap-around insurance to Medicare for service elderly.

The task force concluded that Tricare fees and co-pays, frozen since they were set in 1996, have allowed a steady slide in the relative costs paid by working-age military retirees, a pattern “so out of step with overall trends in the U.S. health care system that (it is) unfair to U.S. taxpayers.”

Unfair to taxpayers?  WTF?  I have yet to hear a single complaint about it being “unfair.”  In fact, most taxpayers I’ve talked to agree that it’s the least we can do for the men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving our country and defending the republic.

This latest move by the administration is nothing less than another wholesale betrayal of the 1% who have dedicated their lives in service to the other 99%.

Veterans and military retirees have earned this benefit.  It’s our right.  But I suppose to President Bush who has never actually earned or sacrificed a single thing in his life, concepts such as duty and sacrifice are unfathomable.

And we thought we had it bad under Clinton.

  1. thewordofme says:

    Yea, that sounds like our ‘buddy’ Bush….send them over there by preying on their patriotism and while they’re gone raise all the prices for medical help and lower the benefit.

    Those men in the administration are pure evil

    I say impeach the B—–d’s

  2. Sandman says:

    I couldn’t agree more. This administration has more blood, lies and treachery on its hands than any previous in history. It’s time for them to answer for their sins.

  3. Chuck says:

    An enlisted personnel who spends half of their military career on food stamps and WIC programs, this is another betrayal to those who serve with life and blood safeguarding the American way of life of those who support it. Its time to call your congressman and make your votes count against the tyrants on this proposal