Let the countdown begin!

Posted: January 3, 2008 in america, Bush, good bye

Welcome, fellow Americans and patriots everywhere, to 2008 and the last year of the most disastrous presidential administration in American history! Today (well, yesterday actually) we begin the final countdown to that glorious day when Bush finally gets the big heave-ho. Today we begin chronicling the events of Dubya’s final year in office, and reflect on what has gone before. Today is day 384 of the countdown.

Bye, bye, Bushie!

  1. Don Gorney says:

    The last day of the Bush adminstration could not come a day too soon. I am one who is still in disbelief that this country elected such a moron in 2004, am in complete SHOCK that they did it again in 2004, and that he and his lovable VP have not been impeached for even HALF of what they have done to destroy our democracy. And I cringe whenever I think of how his imcompentency and blindness have caused an explosiive increase in radical terrorists. Well done, Bush. Your adminsitration will must certainly go down as the worst in history, for I can think of no area in which you have done anything positive, other than for the United Corporation of America.