Did He Really Say That? – A Bill “O’Really?” O’Reilly Update

Posted: January 18, 2008 in america, anti-truth, Bill O'Reilly, chickenhawk, fox news, lies, military, stupid, veterans, war

Ya gotta hand it to them, the Republicans and their loyal stooges are keeping the blogosphere pretty busy lately. Hot on the heels of Huckabee’s genuinely scary, off-the-deep-end comment on the Constitution comes this offering from Fox’s Bill O’Reilly:

Well, it’s official. Bill O’Reilly is offering to provide shelter to any homeless veterans out there. And we know, from the VA’s own statistics, that there are thousands of them. I recommend anyone who knows of a homeless veteran anywhere to contact Bill O’Really? and Fox News and tell him to put up or shut up.

Although, listening to the video closely reveals the weasley bastard left himself an “out” – technically he only promised that if anyone could find any veteran (singular) sleeping under a bridge, he’d make sure it “doesn’t happen”.  That could mean just about anything his warped mind comes up with, from giving the guy a tent, to buying him a house, or taking him to a shelter.

This story was reported later in an interview with Paul Rieckhoff, director of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Association, in the Huffington Post:

O’Reilly Downplays the Number of Homeless Veterans

O’Reilly and Fox News are nothing but frauds and phonies. The entire network exists for no other purpose than to prop up the Bush Administration and its misguided, disastrous policies. Anyone who believes one word of what comes out of that propaganda outlet, and anyone who thinks O’Really? knows WTF he’s talking about, is an idiot.

It’s time to bring the troops home. Too many have already suffered and died in this vain, self-defeating crusade.

The plight of homeless veterans is real, and it’s a national disgrace. For pundits like O’Really? to joke about it and pooh-pooh it on national television is an even bigger disgrace. O’Really? owes an apology to every victim of Bush’s Blunder.

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