Florida Post-Game Carnage Report

Posted: January 30, 2008 in america, democrats, republicans, voting

The results from God’s Waiting Room, for those who weren’t paying attention last night:

Democrats (the Blue Team)

Clinton – 50%

Obama – 33%

Edwards – 14%

Kucinich – 1%

Republicans (the Red Team)

McCain – 36%

Romney – 31%

Giuliani – 15%

Huckabee – 11%

Check out the demographics at CNN Politics.

Well, not really any surprises here. Old women voted for Hillary; old men voted for McCain. So they both captured the geezer vote in a state that’s largely irrelevant in the national Primaries anyway. What surprised me is how well Giuliani did. I had him down for 9-11%…



  1. Christopher says:

    And the Borg Queen was award ZERO delegates and just got her ass kicked by Sen. John Kerry for violating party rules and treating Florida as if it is a genuine primary victory, which it isn’t.

  2. Sandman says:

    “Borg Queen”… I love it! She hasn’t yet figured out that to win, you need to show your opponents a little respect once in a while. The toes you step on today may be connected to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow.