Romney’s Out

Posted: February 7, 2008 in america, democrats, election, republicans, romney, voting

The Republican camp delivered more good news to the country today – we won’t have to face the prospect of four years of Mitt Romney running the country.  Mitt’s gone!

Of course, this means we still have the dual threat of John “Bomb bomb Iran” McCain and Mike “God’s Law” Huckabee to contend with.  I don’t think either of them has a serious shot, since according to the results from Super Tuesday, Barack Obama got more votes individually than all three Republican candidates did, combined. 

Bomb Bomb Iran

Mike Huckabee, Theocrat

McCain is promising today’s young people that if he’s elected, they’re going to be headed to Iraq, and so will their grandchildren, and great grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren…  And Huckabee has already gone from just a little bit weird to freakishly scary with his comments on changing the Constitution to match up with “God’s law”.

They’re going to have to work pretty hard to overcome those little gaffes.  But we shouldn’t write them off completely.  In 2000 they put up a finger puppet against the Dem front runner, and through a combination of lies and dirty tricks, they won.  They repeated the tactic again in 2004 and look where we are today.

The difference is, this time the Dems actually have a candidate worth voting for.  Okay, they have two.

The Republicans got squat.  Just the usual non-selection of pasty, middle aged, white men.

Good luck to them.  They’re gonna need it.


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