More campaign stupidity

Posted: March 3, 2008 in america, anti-truth, Bush, clinton, democrats, obama, politics, republicans, silly, stupid, voting

I don’t know why this “issue” keeps coming up, but it’s been the stench at this season’s electoral meal ever since Obama entered the race. The only reason I can think of is to scare people into voting against the “scary black man”. It is this:

Is Barack Hussein Obama a Muslim?

The answer, of course is an unqualified “NO” (he’s a Christian) but that hasn’t stopped his opponents, both on the Red Team and the Good Team, from raising the question as though it were relevant. The implication, of course, is that Muslims are bad people because some of them are terrorists, and by repeating the man’s middle name often he becomes associated with a well-known Muslim dictator who, as we all “know”, supported terrorism during his reign.

The most recent incident came from the Right, from which all such things are expected to originate, in the form of talk show host Bill Cunningham “working the crowd” at a McCain rally in Cincinnati. He mentioned “Barack Hussein Obama” no fewer than three times during his warm-up act. McCain later repudiated the man’s statements, to his credit.

Earlier last month a photo surfaced last month of Obama visiting Kenya and wearing traditional Muslim clothing. Exactly where the photo came from isn’t entirely clear, but the Obama camp blamed the Clintonistas. Really, thoClinton in Scarfugh, lots of people have visited foreign lands and worn the clothing appropriate to the culture. “When in Rome,” after all.

Hillary Clinton has been photographed wearing a traditional Muslim head scarf, so does that make her a Muslim?

Bush Cross Dresser?George W. Bush was recently photographed wearing whatever this is, does that make him a cross-dresser?


Bill Clinton- Jew?


Bill Clinton was once seen wearing a traditional Jewish shawl. I guess that makes him an orthodox Jew?


I’m pretty sure someone has a picture of me wearing tights and a sword. Does that make me a 13th century mercenary? Or maybe a pirate? No, of course not. I like Ellen Degeneres, the Indigo Girls and k.d. lang, I’ve been known to wear flannel, and I’m not bad with power tools. Does that make me a lesbian? (just kidding) No. Obviously I’m being ridiculous to illustrate ridiculousness. Both sides need to move beyond this divisive, racist and irrelevant garbage and stop, as Hillary recently put it, borrowing “tactics straight out of Karl Rove’s playbook.”

If the photo came from the Clinton camp, as Obama alleges, then that’s pretty much as Rove-ian as you can get.


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