Posted: March 26, 2008 in anti-truth, clinton, hillary, lies, video, war

Hillary Clinton has come under fire, and according to her, not for the first time. See, as we all know by now, last week she was caught on camera padding her meager resume’ by claiming that during her time as First Lady she was exposed to sniper fire in Bosnia. Trouble is, it didn’t happen, and the facts are all out there for anyone to see. Take a look:

She looks pretty safe to me. Even safe enough to bring Chelsea along with her. Putting aside for the moment the obvious fact that there is no gunfire happening anywhere near Mrs Clinton in the 12-year old footage, does she really expect us to believe that the Secret Service, the U.S. Army, and the rest of the government would have knowingly allowed the First Lady to be exposed to hostile fire in a war zone?

But even more telling is her body language in the recent video footage. Watch her again as she stands up in front of the audience, looks them in the eye, and lies her ass off about her “experience”. She’s stiff and nervous, as if she expects to be caught, but can’t stop herself.

Now, compare her statement at about 0:58-1:01 with this statement from the same era:

Hillary said “that is what happened.”

Bill said “I’m going to say this again.”

Both are displaying classic lying, bullying behavior. They’re telling you what they want you to believe, regardless of the facts. And you’re expected to lap it up without questioning it.

Now, like her husband, she’s been forced to recant her story. Having been caught in the lie, instead of owning up to it, she’s claiming she “misspoke.”

No, misspeaking is saying you bought roses when in fact you bought carnations. Misspeaking is not saying you were shot at by snipers when you actually weren’t. That’s a lie.

Hillary’s entire campaign has been based on her “experience” and “judgement.” Now that it’s increasingly clear she lacks the former, how can we trust that she has the latter?


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