The “Surge” is working – a Baghdad update

Posted: March 28, 2008 in Bush, military, stupid, war, waste

The chaos continues. As reported in the Washington Post early today, violence continues to erupt across Basra and Baghdad, despite our troops’ and the ISF’s best efforts to contain it. And what does our esteemed Commander-in-Chief have to say about it?

“Normalcy,” President Bush said, “is returning back to Iraq.”

He was referring to the number of soccer games the top general in Iraq had observed recently. I guess soccer is a sign of progress, but wouldn’t a lack of violence and unrest be better?

Speaking about the violence, however, he said

“[It]…shows the progress the Iraqi security forces have made during the surge. Iraqi forces planned this operation and they deployed substantial extra forces for it. They’re leading the operation. Prime Minister Maliki has travelled to Basra to oversee it firsthand. “

Really? Violence is a good thing? Maybe what it really shows is the a resurgence in the extremists’ opposition to the American presence in their country. Maybe it’s really a direct challenge to the authority of the ISF on the part of the extremists.

I take no pleasure in commenting on this. As a former military person, I feel a particular anger toward what I have come to believe is a futile and fruitless endeavor. Our troops have been dropped into a quagmire of a civil war, and what’s worse, it’s a civil war that could have been prevented. The current violence and unrest in Iraq is the direct result of President Bush’s ill-advised, unplanned, and thoughtless military invasion of Iraq.

We went there without planning how to “win the peace”. We went there with no plan for what we would do after the invasion. It was amateurish, short-sighted and wasteful.

And our bravest and best are paying for it. Now that we’re there, we can’t get out without completely disgracing ourselves to the world. For, as a wise man once said, before this whole thing began,

“You break it, you own it.”

Well, we broke it.

Now we’re being owned by it.

And our children will have to pay for it.

Thanks, George.


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