This is why I watch “The Daily Show”

Posted: March 28, 2008 in america, veterans, war

From the Huffington Post today:

Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart was in Washington, DC Tuesday night for the USO-Metro Awards Dinner, where the Daily Show host was honored with a Merit Award from Joint Chiefs vice-chair General James Cartwright. If it seems an odd fit for a comic who consistently lampoons the Bush administration, the Washington Post‘s Reliable Source informs readers that all the comedic comfort Stewart gives critics of the Iraq War is matched by his efforts to comfort our wounded soldiers:

Turns out the comedian has been quietly visiting soldiers at Walter Reed and Bethesda hospitals, trips he began in 2004 to better understand the Iraq war. “I felt that I was living in a world of theory,” he told the audience, “but I hadn’t touched the reality and the humanity of it.” The first patient he met was “funnier than I was” — and Stewart’s been a regular ever since.

Stewart told the Post, “I certainly get a lot more out of it than they do…If anything, it’s made me angrier… You can be for the war, against the war, but you can’t be uninformed about it. To see the human cost is part of the equation.”

This observation, from a man whose viewing audience was once described as “stoned slackers” by Faux Noise’s Bill O’Really. Add “retired veterans” and “thinking Americans” to that list, Bill.

I really, really, really like Jon Stewart. He’s a true patriot in the same way that sycophantic supporters of Bush and Cheney aren’t.  There is no excuse for being uninformed about this.


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