Oh, please.

Posted: March 29, 2008 in clinton, democrats, election, hillary, politics

According to an article in the New York Times, and commented on by the Huffington Post, Hillary Clinton is refuting calls for her to bow out of the race despite recent pressure on her from Democratic party leadership.  In fact, In an interview, the Clintons compared the pressure to “the “big boys” trying to bully a woman”.

“I believe that a spirited contest is good for the Democratic Party,” Mrs. Clinton said in a late-afternoon news conference in northwestern Indiana, a few miles from Mr. Obama’s house on the South Side of Chicago. “We will have a united party behind whoever that nominee is.”

Is that what she thinks this is?  A “spirited contest”?  All I’ve seen is bad-mouthing and mudslinging, most of it from her.  This is more like a classic Bowie knife fight – no holds barred, in a six-foot pit, with the winner burying the loser.  She’s probably right in saying that Democrats will unite behind whoever the eventual nominee is, but that nominee will be too bloodied up by his/her fellow Democrat to make an effective fight against McCain in the fall.

And can we really trust that, if she doesn’t get the nomination, she’ll rally behind Obama and support him all the way?  She is, after all, a Clinton.  And Clintons don’t like to lose.

And if she does somehow clinch it, will she really be able to unite the party against McCain in the fall?  I doubt it.  I’m an Obamaniac – that’s no secret.  I’m also a Democrat.  If Hilllary is the candidate, I will accept it and vote for her, because the alternative is unthinkable.  But I’d much rather have a candidate who inspires hope than one who inspires fear.  I’d rather vote for the man who I think can truly unite the party and the country, and inspire us to better and greater deeds, than the woman who’s repeatedly demonstrated that she’ll do just about anything to acquire and maintain power.

I don’t trust Hillary, and not because she’s a woman.  I don’t trust her because she’s ruthless, divisive and destructive.  And as recent events have shown, a complete and unabashed liar.

It’s time for her to go.


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