Back in Black!

Posted: May 11, 2008 in Blackwater, mercenaries, war

Remember Blackwater USA, the band of mercenaries, thugs and murderers that have been rampaging across Iraq since the declaration of “Mission Accomplished”?  The group of trigger-happy ‘roid ragin’ killers that shot up an intersection in Baghdad last September and killed 17 innocent bystanders?

Well, they’re back…

Iraq Contractor in Shooting Case Makes Comeback

How could this happen?  I think the third paragraph says it all (emphasis mine):

The State Department has just renewed its contract to provide security for American diplomats in Iraq for at least another year. Threats by the Iraqi government to strip Western contractors of their immunity from Iraqi law have gone nowhere. No charges have been brought in the United States against any Blackwater guard in the September shooting, either, and the F.B.I. agents in Baghdad charged with investigating whether Blackwater guards have committed any crimes under United States law are sometimes protected as they travel through Baghdad by Blackwater guards.

This will not improve our reputation with the international community.

  1. former blackwater employe says:

    I am not just responding to just this artical but all of yours on Blackwater. You refer to these men as thugs and killers. These men are some of the braviest people in the world I don’t think that any war America has been in could have been won with out there help. Yes they did kill 17 bystanders and there will always be civilain causalties in any war, you can’t out run that fact. I also wonder if you have ever been in a war, or you just set around because you have no life and rate on people better then you. I think if you were on the ten yard line underfire you would think different of them.
    This reply does not need a reply, i just wanted to tell you my feelings about what you wrote.

  2. Afrit007 says:

    “Better than me?” Excuse me? I served my country proudly for 21 years and it pisses me off that these opportunistic war profiteers are getting paid 3 to 5 times what our REAL troops and REAL warriors are earning to do the same jobs.

    Blackwater and other MERCENARY companies have no place in this or any other American war. If we can’t fight this war the right way, with LAWFUL combatants and REAL soldiers, then we have no business fighting it at all.

    Want to know what America’s real warriors think about Blackwater? Don’t take my word for it, just read on:

    They are despised and hated throughout the theater.

    Machiavelli said it best – mercenaries are dangerous and useless. They are only loyal to money, and will turn on a dime (literally). Our use of them in this war has made us weaker, not stronger, and has diminished us on the world stage.

    Blackwater are mercenaries, bandits and war profiteers. Their contract should be terminated, the money they are paid should be taken back and given to the wounded veterans who DESERVE it.

  3. Afrit007 says:

    Oh, and BTW – the 17 Iraqi civilians killed weren’t just “civilian casualties”. It was murder, and should be treated as such.