John McCain does not support the troops

Posted: May 13, 2008 in america, john mccain, lies, politics, republicans, war

But, he’s a Republican!  And I thought they loved the military!

Yeah, not so much.  There’s been a bill moving though Congress (H.R. 5740) that’s supported by nearly every Veterans’ group and intelligent congressperson, that would expand and improve the existing G.I. Bill to restore most of its former glory.  The original G.I. Bill, as most people don’t remember, paid for college for veterans returning from WWII.  It changed the country, and enabled millions of American servicemen to return to civilian life quickly and effectively.  Over the years it’s become so diluted that it barely covers a few semesters of modern college education.

McCain, like our idiot president, opposes the new G.I. Bill.  He thinks it will be too expensive and hurt retention.

The facts are, the new Bill would cost, over 10 years, less than 5% of what we’ve flushed down the Iraq toilet.  And what’s hurting retention is the war, stupid, not education benefits that don’t exist yet.

This country has a long and sordid tradition of screwing the troops it sends into war.  It seems McCain is intent on continuing that tradition.

John McCain – bad for the troops, bad for America.  Stupid, short-sighted, out of touch, and unpatriotic.  Betrayer of our troops.

  1. gasdocpol says:

    WTF ? LOL!

    McCain now even believes his bogus war hero status himself.

    He thinks that gives him license to lie our troops into being cannon fodder.

  2. Afrit007 says:

    Now, I would never denigrate McCain’s service. He went through hell, and deserves respect for it. However, I find his patriotism seriously in doubt because of this latest act of stupidity.

    He is more than willing to send our boys out to die in acts of pointless adventurism, but is not willing to give our veterans what’s due to them after their service is over? It’s pure bullshit.

    Our troops offer their lives in service of our country. The least America can do is reciprocate.

    How much is freedom really worth, anyway?