A taste of his own medicine

Posted: May 18, 2008 in america, Bush, deficit, politics, republicans, rush limbaugh

Remember the so-called “Deficit Spending Awareness Ribbon” invented by right-wing asshole and vacuous drug addict Rush Limbaugh during the ’90’s? It looked something like this:

It’s quite simple to fold, even for those of you who aren’t origami masters like me. You take a dollar bill, fold it in half twice, then give each end a 45 to 60-degree bend toward the middle. Pin it to your lapel to show you are aware of deficit spending.

Of course, Rush intended it as a jab to the Clinton administration, as well as a mockery of all the proliferate awareness ribbons that were cropping up during that decade, but I think it’s even more apropos now.

So, I’d like to see more of these on lapels today. Call it a “national debt awareness ribbon”.  Wear it to show your awareness of what Bush and his illegitimate band of thieves have done to this nation. Or, if you don’t mind breaking the law to make your political point, you can cut a dollar bill in half lengthwise before folding it to symbolize the end result of seven years of sound Republican fiscal policy.

Of course, if you still have a job in today’s economy, you might want to hold on to those dollars. They’re getting harder to find lately.

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