McCain skips out on G.I. Bill vote

Posted: May 31, 2008 in america, mccain, politics, republicans, voting

Good news for our nation’s best and bravest – the Webb G.I. Bill passed with a veto-proof majority of 75 to 22, with three Senators not voting.  The new bill will pay for 4 years of tuition at a public college for anyone who has served at least 3 years post-9/11.  It’s the very least our nation’s soldiers and veterans deserve, especially after the eight years of abuse they’ve suffered at the hands of the Axis of Incompetence.  Three Senators abstained or were absent.  Their names?  Ted Kennedy, who as we all know is currently being treated for a brain tumor; Tom Coburn; and this guy:

John McShame

That’s right.  John McCain, the Republican candidate for president, the man who’s spent so much of his time lately criticizing (inaccurately) the Webb G.I. Bill, didn’t even have the integrity or guts to show up and vote against it.

Utterly McShameless.

  1. Tarzan says:

    not surprised. The guy’s a political schemer, and will do (and not do) anything to get a vote.

  2. Afrit007 says:

    Exactly. And his reasons for doing it are so obvious it’s almost laughable. He is obviously not planning on becoming President, and is hedging his bets on a return to the Senate. He didn’t show up to vote against the bill in case he needs to be able to tell America that he “didn’t vote against it” when the time came.

    As I say, utterly McShameless.