Dunkin’ Donuts and the Right-Wing Jihad

Posted: June 1, 2008 in america, fast food, freedom, stupid

Now that Dunkin’ Donuts has caved in to the idiot convention, it’s safe to say I won’t be patronizing their shops for a while.  At issue, apparently, is an online ad for their iced coffee that featured Rachael Ray wearing a tatty, rather hideous black-and-white paisley scarf (image is from Newsweek.com):

Apparently this was too much for certain elements of the extreme right in America.  They decided that, rather than being what it is (and which any halfway intelligent person can see), it “resembled” the kaffiyeh, a scarf worn by millions of Muslim men and, unfortunately, Yassir Arafat.  Check out the overreaction here and here.

Gee, we’re kind of reaching a bit here, aren’t we?  I mean, aside from wearing a ratty scarf with a short-sleeved shirt while hawking nasty coffee, what has Rachael Ray really done wrong?  Anyone with half a brain can see the difference between Rachael’s scarf and Arafat’s (image from wikipedia):

Not even close.  And I’m pretty sure there’s no Arabic writing on Rachael’s.

National security, my ass.  This is just plain stupid.  I won’t be patronizing Dunkin’ Donuts any time in the near future, at least until they apologize for caving in to the forces of hate, ignorance, intolerance and bigotry on the extreme right.  I’m sick of these people running roughshod over my country and claiming they’re doing it to “protect us”.  It’s all bullshit, and it needs to end NOW.

Tell Dunkin’ Donuts to grow a spine and stand up to these lunatics.  Tell them that there’s no money to be made in kowtowing to fearmongers.


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