Obama! Obama! Obama! Obama! Obama!

Posted: June 3, 2008 in america, democrats, voting

Barack Hussein Obama is (almost) now the Democratic candidate for the Presidency! The polls in S.D. close in a little under 3 hours as of this writing, but the race is all but finished. As reported on the A.P. news wire and MSNBC:

CHICAGO – Barack Obama clinched the Democratic presidential nomination Tuesday, becoming the first black candidate to lead a major party into a campaign for the White House, according to an Associated Press tally of delegates.

Obama arranged a victory celebration at the site of this summer’s Republican National Convention — an in-your-face gesture to Sen. John McCain, who will be his opponent in the race to become the nation’s 44th president.

The 46-year-old Obama outlasted Hillary Rodham Clinton in a historic campaign that sparked record turnouts in primary after primary, yet exposed deep racial and gender divisions within the party. (more)

Now Hillary is talking about wanting to be his veep. Please, Hillary. Don’t go away mad, just go away. We want to win this thing.

  1. It looks like the primaries are finally over, but Hillary Clinton hasn’t withdrawn from the race yet, while Obama says he’s the winner! Whom would you like to see as his running mate? Should it be Hillary herself? People Power Granny asks you to read my my post about this tonight and vote in my poll regarding if Hillary should be his running mate.