Cindy McCain, little miss homemaker

Posted: June 18, 2008 in lies, politics, republicans, stupid

As reported by the New York Post (and other sources too numerous to mention), the McCain campaign is caught up yet again in a mini-scandal involving presumptive first bitch lady Cindy McCain and her “recipes”:

Cindy McCain’s been caught with her hand in the cookie jar again.

McCain’s recipe for oatmeal-butterscotch cookies, published on the Family Circle Web site earlier in the month, appears to be an almost exact replica of a Hershey’s recipe. (See below for both recipes.)

This is not the first time John McCain’s wife has been caught up in a cooking controversy.

In April, McCain was accused of trying to pass off a recipe from the Food Network’s Web site as her own.

The mistake was attributed to an intern and the recipe was promptly removed from the McCain campaign Web site.

The current cookie recipe of dubious origination was submitted as part of a bake-off between the potential first ladies, sponsored by the magazine.

Of course, anyone could have spotted this right away, given that it was Cindy McCain claiming to have “family recipes”.  Honestly, does anyone really believe that woman actually bakes anything on her own?  Maybe her servants have recipes, but she sure as fuck doesn’t.

I don’t even really believe she eats. She turned sideways during one campaign appearance and nearly disappeared.

Sigh… some political satire just writes itself.