Right-Wing Jackass Michael Savage doesn’t know when to STFU

Posted: July 23, 2008 in autism, stupid

In typical neoconservative fashion, radio shock jock Michael Savage has reacted thusly to critics of his recent diatribe insulting the parents of autistic children across America.  In case you missed it, here’s a link to the audio:

Yes, that’s right.  He called parents of autistic children and the children themselves “frauds” and “fakers”.  Oh, and “brats” who “havent been told to cut the act.”

Ignorant putz.  If only it were that simple.  And now, today he is trying to explain his insulting and ignorant rant with this statement:

My comments about autism were meant to boldly awaken parents and children to the medical community’s attempt to label too many children or adults as “autistic.”

Just as some drug companies have overdiagnosed “ADD” and “ADHD” to peddle dangerous speed-like drugs to children as young as 4 years of age, this cartel of doctors and drug companies is now creating a national panic by overdiagnosing “autism, for which there is no definitive medical diagnosis!

Many children are being victimized by being diagnosed with an “illness” which may not exist, in all cases. Just a few weeks ago doctors recommended dangerous anti-cholesterol drugs for children as young as 2 years of age! Without any scientific studies on the possible dangers of such drugs on children, corrupt doctors made this controversial, unscientific recommendation.

Increasingly, our children are being used as profit centers by a greedy, corrupt medical/pharmaceutical establishment. As the brother of a severely disabled person who suffered and died in a New York “snake-pit” of a “mental hospital,” I know first-hand what true disability is.

To permit greedy doctors to include children in medical categories which may not be appropriate is a crime against that child and their family. Let the truly autistic be treated. Let the falsely diagnosed be free.

Now that he’s been called to account for his indefensible remarks, and his radio career appears headed Imus-like toward the toilet of obscurity where it belongs, Savage is trying to take the “I’m one of you” line as a means of defending himself.

He’s even expressed shock that a recent protest outside his radio office in New York City was attended by mostly men, with “neatly printed signs” (what did he expect?) and few children.  He even had the nerve to call them “Stalinist Savage Haters“.

Listen to the audio again.  He didn’t say anything about the “truly autistic.”  He made a blanket statement about all cases of autism, and proceded to insult and denigrate the parents and children who are challenged by the condition.

And the notion that the people protesting his idiocy are all “Stalinist” is beyond ludicrous.  It’s moronic.

He’s an idiot.  An arrogant, insufferable, irresponsible, lazy-thinking idiot.  And he should take his father’s advice, which he so conveniently inarticulated to us on his broadcast.  He should stop acting like a moron.

Mikey boy, you were wrong the first time and nothing’s changed since.  The words you were looking for are “I’m sorry, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have said it.  I’m a moron, I don’t know anything about autism, and I shouldn’t have shot my mouth off about it.”

Apologize and take your lumps like a man.  Stop acting like a savage.


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