Always there for the troops, except when he isn’t

Posted: July 27, 2008 in america, democrats, john mccain, lies, military, obama, politics, republicans, voting, war

McCain seems to think he’s got another political point to score against Obama, with “support for the troops” taking center stage this time. As reported by the Huffington Post, McCain’s latest act of desperation revolves around a cancelled trip to Germany and some edited film footage from early in Obama’s Middle Eastern visit.

The stop in Germany, originally intended to be a visit with wounded troops, was cancelled by the Obama campaign. Ironically, the reason given was because they didn’t want the “…injured soldiers get pulled into the back-and-forth of a political campaign.” (CNN)

The McCain campaign even has a new ad distorting both his and Obama’s record on support for the troops:

And so the distortions and lies continue. Let’s not forget, my friends, that it was Obama who voted FOR the new Webb GI Bill. McCain spent weeks working to derail it, then stayed home for the final vote in a shameless act of political convenience. Obama voted for the Medicaid funding bill that preserved doctors’ payments and made it possible for troops and their families to retain access to off-base medical care; McCain voted against it.  Obama wants a phased, planned withdrawal from Iraq in support of the troops’ needs and the Iraqi government’s requests; McCain wants to keep our men and women deployed in hell for “100 years”.  Obama supports the troops, and McCain doesn’t. McCain is just envious that Obama was better received by the troops than he would have been.

McCain’s record is clear – he’s consistently abandoned the troops when they’ve needed him.

And that’s the straight talk.

Followup: Keith Olbermann recently reported on McCain’s non-support of the troops, thoroughly examining his record on veterans’ and troop support.  Here’s the video:


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