Torture justifies adultery

Posted: August 15, 2008 in america, fox news, john mccain, lies, politics, republicans

According to the right-wing smear merchants at the Fox Comedy News Network, McCain’s experiences as a prisoner of war in Vietnam justify his later behavior vis-a-vis his first wife.  No, really – watch what happens in this clip when Alan Colmes questions McCain’s trustworthiness to be Commander-in-Chief during a discussion about (of course) Edwards’ affair:

I especially love the final 30 seconds or so, where Hannity is desperately trying to get back “on message” by comparing the affairs of the two men.  McCain, he says, spent 5 1/2 years as a prisoner of war defending America (I guess you can’t mention McCain on right-wing media without bringing that up) so his shitty treatment of his first wife were justified, while John Edwards “Mr. Two Americas with his 28,000 square foot mansion”.  Get it?  Being tortured excuses whatever reprehensible behavior you’re later guilty of.

The right should really make up their minds.  Are the Republicans really the party of moral values, or are they just self-centered, moralizing hypocrites?

  1. TSAckerman says:

    Right on! Even worse, the rest of the media pretty much made “POW and war hero” McCain’s middle name. McCain had several affairs, plus a lot of flings with exotic dancers, strippers, models, etc.
    This doesn’t even touch on his career in the Navy before being shot down and captured, or his career in the Senate.
    The media just doesn’t look closely at him.

  2. Afrit007 says:

    True dat. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the candidate we really don’t know anything about in this race is John Sidney McCain.

    It’s time to burst the bubble of the McCain mythology.