McCain supports the draft

Posted: August 21, 2008 in america, john mccain, lies, military, politics, republicans, war

Well, I’ve been saying it all along.  If we’re really serious about fighting this “transcendent” so-called War on Terror, then we need to get the entire country involved.  If that means bringing back the draft and sending every available elgible man and woman off to fight, so be it.  But Senator McCain appears to have flip-flopped YET AGAIN on a crucial policy point in this stunning reversal of his previous opposition:

Of course, it’s equally possible, as Keith Olbermann said, that McCain simply didn’t understand the question.  Lost in the clip is the questioner’s lead-in to the draft question.  Here’s the rest of the clip:

Well, if you’re going to promise more wars and fewer jobs as McCain previously has, then you’ve got to do something drastic to find people to fight those wars.

Earlier in the same appearance, McCain said he isn’t questioning Obama’s patriotism, but rather his judgement.

Right back at’cha, Senator.  So far the answers aren’t very reassuring.

  1. dragonflydm says:

    I am voting for Obama, but honestly– don’t you think that he was responding to the first 50 seconds and not the last 5 second.

  2. Afrit007 says:

    Actually, I think the more likely answer is that he really didn’t fully understand the question and was responding in a way that he thought would hide his confusion. A kind of “yes, dear” to the masses.

    Regardless, it was a lousy answer.