If the $520 Italian loafer fits…

Posted: September 1, 2008 in elitism, mccain, pathetic, politics, republicans, stupid, wealth

Wealthy, aristocratic, elitist beer heiress Cindy McCain has something new to be offended by.  Apparently she’s upset at Barack Obama for saying her husband, wealthy and powerful Senator and Presidential candidate John McCain is ignorant of the lives and needs of average Americans.

In an interview with George Stephanopoulos, she had this to say:

“I’m offended by Barack Obama saying that about my husband,” said McCain’s wife Cindy.
When asked if Obama went too far in his criticism of McCain, Cindy responded, “I do. I do. I really do.”

McCain also said beer the distributorship her father built, which is the source of much her family’s wealth, typifies the American Dream.

“My father had nothing. He and my mother sold everything they had to raise $10,000,” she said. “I’m proud of what my dad and my mother did and what they built and left me.  And I intend to carry their legacy as long as I can.”

And live as ostentatiously as possible in the process.  Seriously, does she really expect us to believe that a couple who married each other for wealth (John) and power (Cindy) really know more than jack shit about the lives of those of us who buy shoes at Wal-Mart (or Payless if we’re feeling like splurging) and have to worry about feeding our families and keeping the house warm this winter?  Her parents may have come up from poverty, but that’s not even a distant memory for Cindy and John McCain.

She should be stripped of her wealth and priveleges for a few months and forced to make ends meet at a $10/hour job.  Then maybe she’d understand what it’s like at the bottom.  Until then she should take the criticism for what it is – people speaking truth to power – and stop acting like such a whiny bitch.


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