Playing their game

Posted: September 3, 2008 in america, democrats, john mccain, lies, politics, republicans, sarah palin, voting

Well, my fellow Democrats, we’ve had a good run of it.  We made history, nominating a black man as our candidate for the first time in American history (and hopefully not the last), and likewise for the first time in history a woman had a real shot at the Presidency.  We stand poised to unseat the most hated, most divisive and most corrupt administration in history.  But I fear all these gains and progress are about to be undone.

John McCain’s recent nomination of Sarah Palin as his running mate has brought out the worst in some of us.  Rumors have been flying, some based in fact, other pure nonsense.  Some are outright lies worthy only of print in the National Enquirer.  And worst of all, some in the liberal blogosphere have begun going after Mrs. Palin’s children.  One story accusing her of “covering up” her daughter’s pregnancy by pretending to be pregnant herself was reported on the Daily Kos.  As the story goes, Mrs. Palin’s youngest child, who has Down’s Syndrome, is not really hers but eldest daughter Bristol’s.  No actual facts have thus far been provided to substantiate the rumor, and the story has since been removed.  Others have not shown such discretion.

This is a dangerous game, and one we can’t win.  If politics is war by other means, then the children of the candidates are innocent bystanders.  They did not ask to be involved in this war, and should not be targeted even by the independent partisans of the candidates.  The sins of the parents must not be visited upon the children.

Going after the children of the candidates will gain us nothing; worse, it might even cost us the election.  Am I being alarmist?  I don’t think so.  My friends, what you need to remember is that when you follow these “leads” and breathlessly report lies and innuendo as though they are fact, you are doing exactly what the Republicans expect you to do.  You are, in fact, playing their game.  And that’s a game we can’t win.

First of all, they’re much better at this than we are.  This is like wrestling with a pig – you both get dirty and the pig likes it.  Don’t be a pig.

Second, it allows them to sieze the moral high ground and say “look – those horrible people are attacking her children.  What monsters they are!”  Voters expect partisans to go after the other side’s candidate, but attacking their children is beyond the pale.  We already have the moral high ground, with Bush’s record of mismanagement, malfeasance, economic disaster and military catastrophe.  We already have the moral high ground on most of the major issues of the day – economics, the environment, and veterans’ issues.  Now is not the time to behave like the immature children they think we are.

I know, some of you are thinking that if the situation were reversed, they would spare us no mercy.  So much better the reason not to do it.  We must rise above that.  We must be better than that if we expect to win.

Stick with the facts.  Attack the candidates’ positions, but leave the children alone.  Always remember that what you do reflects on the candidate, and as tempting as it may be to blog National Enquirer-style bullshit, it will not help Obama get elected in November.

Stick to the substance.  There’s so much more of it, we don’t need to make up crap in order to win.  Leave the lies, innuendo and rumor mongering to the Republicans and their cronies.

  1. Christopher says:

    If you feel so badly for Sarah Palin, you could always vote Republican in November?

  2. Afrit007 says:

    You’re not paying attention. I am not one of the “swing voters” that will change his vote in November because of the actions of a few immature left-wing bloggers. For me, a McCain victory is simply unconscionable. I’m asking you and other bloggers guilty of disseminating innuendo to STICK TO THE FACTS and stop wrestling the pig.

    This is Karl Rove’s game. He perfected the politics of personal destruction. Don’t play it, for the sake of the country.

  3. Afrit007 says:

    And I don’t feel sorry for her, I’m asking for restraint when it comes to the children.

  4. kayinmaine says:

    Here’s what I’m seeing:

    NOT VERY MANY REPUBLICANS AT THEIR CONVENTION. They’re protesting it but the MSM isn’t covering this fact. Tonight Sarah Palin will be speaking and will gather a huge crowd, but as we all know, they’ll be there because she’s pretty and not because she’s ready to be VP.

    Republicans across this nation are not happy with the Palin pick.

  5. Afrit007 says:

    The crowds are strangely quiet, aren’t they? I’ve been watching the Republi-Con, and the two words that come to mind are WHITE and OLD. It’s a gathering of old, white people, which pretty much describes the Republican Party today.

    I’m not seeing a lot of genuine enthusiasm for either McCain or Palin. It’s more like resignation at being left with such a lousy choice.

  6. kayinmaine says:

    Afrit007, don’t let the MSM dictate to you what is really going on. Don’t be nervous about McCain’s pick of Palin. The GOP is bolting, but the MSM is covering up this fact.

    Barack Obama’s campaign is still going strong!

    By the way, most of the Hillary supporters are not happy with the bimbo Palin as the VP pick. They will either sit out the election or will vote for Barack Obama. Guaranteed they’ll vote for Barack! I’m seeing & hearing they’ve learned their lesson and now understand voting for a republican this year is not a winning move.

    Keep your chin up! 😉

  7. kayinmaine says:

    Last night when Fred Thompson was speaking the crowd was pulled down in front of the podium to give the appearance of a full house. Oh boy! It was an empty building.

    The left wing protesters are being arrested trifold (over 280 so far) and that’s because there are more protesters outside than people inside the Convention! The American people are sick of the republic party. Hell, even their own members are sick of the party. Some REAL conservatives are voting for Barack Obama because they know he represents real change.

    And don’t believe the naysayers when they say Biden is a DC insider. He’s not. He’s been in the Senate as long as John McCain has, but there’s a difference between the two:

    McCain went to all the DC parties and has hung out with the top rung of the party.

    Biden jumped on the train home every night to be with his family. He knows a ton of stuff but he’s not one to hang with the muckymuck to make himself feel popular or loved like Johnny has.


  8. Christopher says:

    Instead of badmouth fellow lefty bloggers, why not do what you falsely claim we’re not doing? Such as going after McCandy based on policy?

    I’ll point you in the direction I think you need to go:

    McCandy sought to ban library books
    McCandy tried to fire the librarian who refused to remove books
    McCandy is addicted to Federal earmarks and isn’t a reformer
    McCandy cut funding for family planning
    McCandy is under Federal investigation
    McCandy has hired a lawyer to rep her who is a state employee

    All are on my blog and you’re welcome to use the info and don’t bother to credit me. I don’t need anymore traffic. But badmouthing fellow lefty bloggers just makes you look suspect.

  9. Christopher says:

    Kay is absolutely correct.

    The corporate media is ridiculous but they’re beginning to turn on the Old Coot and McCandy because they’re being stonewalled and won’t allow access to McCandy.

    The MSM doesn’t cotton this being stonewalled.

  10. kayinmaine says:

    Okay people! *waving to Christopher* Here’s all the truth we need:

    When the right wingers of America think the cameras/microphones are turned off, they tell the truth. They think Palin is a sucky pick and they know when McCain picked Palin he lost a lot of the independent voters.

    Barack Obama is doing great and if Diebold doesn’t steal it, we will have the first African American president in the White House! I can’t wait. I want to be the Official Auntie of the Obama Daughters. 😉

  11. Afrit007 says:

    Christopher, I have indeed followed many of the leads you cite, and will continue to do so in the future. My time is limited what with working full time and raising two children, so I will occasionally miss a hot topic. I thank you for your suggestions. Consider it duly noted.

    I did not accuse you of not following leads; what I did was highlight one specific non-lead that I believed was not worthy of being followed. I knew when I wrote the missive that I would be exposing myself to criticism and possible attacks from other leftists. It is, after all, more risky to criticize the actions of your friends than your enemies. I believed the situation was important enough to warrant a critical response. We stand at a crucial turning point in history. Our conduct must be worthy of the leaders we wish to be, if we are to win this battle.

    I do not believe I “badmouthed” anybody, but if I inadvertently caused offense, I apologize. I have removed the links to your blogs; unfortunately, I’m sure there are more than enough others “out three” to provide grist for the mills for a long time to come.

    I’m a bit distracted at the moment. I hope you’ll excuse the disjointed nature of my reply. Twit Romney is speaking and it’s hard for me to type while shouting at the television and banging my head against the wall. The man is a panderer, sycophant and jingoist of the worst kind.

    All the best,