Sarah Palin, jihadist?

Posted: September 3, 2008 in america, cult, election, heresy, john mccain, republicans, RWCFA, sarah palin, voting, war

Well, that’s what we call it when Muslims send young men to die and claim it’s “God’s will” – jihad.  Watch this video of GOP Veep candidate Sarah Palin speaking at the Wasilla Assemblies of God church in Alaska and decide for yourself:

That’s right, the war in Iraq is part of “God’s plan”. If your son or daughter died in Iraq, be not afraid for (s)he was doing God’s Holy Work.

Jihad, in other words.

And these people were afraid of a Catholic being elected president?  These are the same people who think we should be afraid of Barack Obama’s religious upbringing?  People who, like George W. Bush, start wars and claim it’s part of “God’s Plan”?  This is truly dangerous stuff, folks.

The rest of the video is available at the church’s website.  Or, if you’re having trouble getting through, at the Huffington Post.

  1. boomerjack says:

    I was just going to look for this video, but first had to check my blog–and there you were! Thanks for your comment. The farther & wider this video spreads, the better off we’ll be in November…if Gov. Palen even gets that far!

  2. Afrit007 says:

    You are most welcome! I agree… once the American people get to know what kind of nutcase McCain has selected, his campaign will sink like the Titanic. It’s hard to believe, but he managed to find someone even crazier than himself as his running mate.

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  4. edward says:

    that lady has nice breasts but clearly she is nuts. i hope the hillbillies and rednecks that go out and vote for people like george bush do not foist one on my beloved america again.