Who was a community organizer?

Posted: September 6, 2008 in america, community organizer, democrats, election, mccain, republicans, sarah palin, voting

The Republicans should have a lot more respect for community organizers than they showed on Wednesday evening.  After all, C.O.’s throughout history have been far more politically effective acting as change agents than governors have.

Community Organizers get things done when their local and state governments fail to do them, or insist on ignoring the problems.  I made this bumper sticker after reading the quote on Mudflats, one of the best Democrat blogs around.

The wonderful thing about it is, you can make it fit with any combination you want!  For example, if you want to push the civil rights angle, use Martin Luther King and George Wallace.

This is getting fun!

  1. Fr. J. says:

    So Jesus is just a community organizer now? Ridiculous. Obama is no MLK, Dorothy Day or Jesus Christ, though he tries to play a Messiah on TV.

  2. Afrit007 says:

    Oh, please. You’re right, Jesus was more than “just a community organizer”. That’s just one of the many things he did. He brought people together to serve something greater than themselves, and was crucified for it by the State.

    You are you going to trust, Father? The organizers or the crucifiers?

    Obama no more “tries to play a Messiah” than does any other politician. He’s merely a natural leader who brings people together. He inspires in people hope for a better future. After the last eight years we can all use a little hope.

    Messiah? Nah. Just a man with a dream. Sound familiar?