Kim Jong Ill?

Posted: September 10, 2008 in police state, slavery, torture, tyranny, war, waste

Recent news indicates North Korean dictator and chief scumbag Kim Jong Il may have suffered a serious health problem.  As reported by the Associated Press:

WASHINGTON – North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il may be gravely ill, perhaps the victim of a stroke, U.S. and other Western officials said Tuesday after he failed to appear for a major national parade. If so, it could jeopardize the already troubled international effort to get his nation to abandon nuclear weapons.

Kim’s absence from a military parade for the country’s 60th anniversary lent credence to reports that the man North Koreans call the “Dear Leader” had been incapacitated during the past few weeks.

Hopefully the rumors are true and the North Korean people will soon be relieved of the primary source of their suffering.


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