Posted: September 10, 2008 in america, lies, military, politics, stupid, war

Megan McCain, on the Today show recently:

No, certainly not.  Especially not the families of these warriors:

Or these guys:

I’m sure these guys don’t know as much about it as the McCains do (warning: graphic images).

No, I’m sure no one knows more about living in military housing with asbestos in the air vents and lead paint on the door than Megan McCain.  I’m sure no one knows more about having to move every two to three years, trusting all your worldly goods to the lowest bidder contractor.  I’m sure no one knows more about living in a shoebox on the tenth floor of a high-rise apartment in downtown Songtan, Korea than this family does.  Nah.  All those thousands of military families are clueless.

Do us a favor, Megan.  Shut the fuck up.

Oh, and in case any readers think I’m being hypocritical by criticizing the child of a candidate after my recent post, think again.  Earlier I was criticizing the irresponsible spreading of an unconfirmed, baseless and salacious rumor about the child, a young lady in a difficult situation who did not ask for that kind of attention.  Megan McCain, by her own words, has injected herself into a conversation she knows nothing about.  And she deserves to be called out on it.


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