I’m John McCain and I approve this lie

Posted: September 15, 2008 in america, election, john mccain, karl rove, lies, politics, republicans

You’d think the steady barrage of criticism would have gotten McCain’s attention by now, what with everyone from the New York Times to the ladies of The View calling him out daily on it.  But thus far he shows no sign of either repentance nor self awareness, shamelessly insisting his “attack ads” are factual and correct.

But alas, you can’t turn lies into truth simply by repeating them ad nauseam.  And now a new critic of McCain’s spaghetti strategy has emerged from the slime pits:

That’s right.  Karl Rove, the man who twice ran campaigns so sleazy and dishonest they set new standards for perfidy, the man who betrayed the country and sold it out to the Bush/Cheney crowd, the man whose own lies are legendary, thinks McCain has gone too far.

Holy shit.


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