Mistakes were made…

Posted: September 25, 2008 in america, Bush, clueless, depression, lies, politics, republicans

…others will be blamed.  And future generations will pay for them.

That’s the essence of President Bush’s address tonight.  Not one word of condemnation for the corrupt Wall Street crowd that caused the present financial mess, not one word of censure for the Republican Congressmen who engineered the deregulation of the finance industry that caused the mortgage meltdown, not one word of criticism for the financial industry itself for creating the cutthroat deals and shady loans that wrecked the lives of millions of Americans.  Instead, our teenager-in-chief reverted to form, putting the blame on foreign investors and consumers who fell for the lousy deals, then pushing his “plan” to add another $700 billion to the national debt and expecting future generations to clean up his mess.

Mistakes were made, others will be blamed.

  1. cloaknbadger says:

    Fiscal conservatism means spending the cash one has on hand responsibly, it doesn’t say anything about racking up bills on the charge card!

  2. Afrit007 says:

    Abso-fluggin’-lutely. Or, as Scary Sarah might say, “You betcha!”

    Once again, the Bush generation racked up a massive credit debt and passed it on to their children. Fuck ’em all.