Zakaria on PolarGirl: She doesn’t understand the question

Posted: September 30, 2008 in america, john mccain, lies, PolarGirl, politics, POW Jack, sarah palin, voting, war

Historian Fareed Zakaria, writing in Newsweek this week and in a recent interview on CNN yesterday, has said that Sarah Palin is simply not qualified to be Vice President and that John McCain’s choice of her did not “put country first”.  Here’s video of his comments (his portion begins at about 3:24):

Although I disagree with him on one point, that PolarGirl’s foreign policy answers were “funny” (to me they were just as frightening as the rest), Zakaria hits the nail on the head when he says it’s not that she doesn’t know the answer, it’s that she didn’t understand the question.

Worse, if that can be imagined, is McCain’s recent excuse-making for PolarGirl when he called it “gotcha” journalism.

Bullshit.  If she can’t answer a question from a voter or REAL journalist (not the idiots and sycophants on Fox Noise), then she’s not ready to be dogcatcher, much less mayor, governor or vice president.

This is the most irresponsible, reckless, selfish and mean thing McCain has ever done to the country and to another person.  He should be ashamed of himself.

  1. B Mullan says:

    Finally someone said what the argument against Sarah Palin is or should be! The argument is not that she is dumb or doesn’t have the potential to be Vice President or President. The argument is that she is not prepared to be Vice president or President. She has done nothing in her political career to get ready for a national position. If she had aspirations of being on a national ticket then she would have prepared herself over the past several years for the next step…gain foreign affairs knowledge; get a clear understanding of national and global economic affairs; have a basic outline of what she would want to do with the country. She has clearly demonstrated in her interviews that she is not ready. As a result John McCain’s judgment must be called into question. Sarah Palin asked John McCain what the VP job entailed…a clear signal that she had given it little or no thought and that she, at this point in her career, did not expect to be asked to step into a national campaign.

  2. steadycat says:

    Apparently to be McCain’s VP, she doesn’t have to know anything. I’m still thinking she will be replaced at the last minute with his actual choice. He cannot be serious.

  3. ChenZhen says:

    As I argued on my blog a month ago, the pick was nothing but a pander to help McCain get elected. I thought that it might actually work, but as it appears to be turning out, it looks like it’s coming back to bite him. I didn’t realize that she was that bad. My goodness.

  4. Afrit007 says:

    cat, I hope you’re right. He simply cannot be serious about this. The woman would be a disaster if the nation were ever unfortunate enough to have her as President.

    Chen, absolutely. It’s interesting to note that while Obama’s choice of Biden may not have directly helped him, McCain’s pick of Palin has done nothing but a steady stream of damage to his campaign and his credibility. The more we learn about this woman, the less there is to like. For crying out loud, even Dan Quayle wasn’t this bad. He only made a few spelling errors.