Let’s make it a dozen

Posted: October 1, 2008 in america, john mccain, lies, PolarGirl, politics, republicans, sarah palin, wealth

Remember all that talk about Sarah Palin being “just another hockey mom” and “working class gal”, etc. etc. etc.?  That’s all ancient history, as the Washington Times reports:

Their combined income of nearly a quarter-million dollars last year was five times the median household income for Wasilla’s 7,000 residents. They own a single-engine plane, two boats, two personal watercraft and a half-million-dollar, custom-built home on a lake that is worth three times the average of other homes in town. For the future, they also have a 401(k) retirement account compliments of Todd Palin’s years as an engineer with oil giant BP.

So, between McCain and Palin, the two families of the Republican ticket own 12 (or more) properties, 2 planes and at least 14 cars.

That’s working class for you.  Now, who’s out of touch?


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