The Empress’ New Clothes

Posted: October 22, 2008 in america, clueless, john mccain, lies, PolarGirl, politics, republicans, sarah palin

According to recent revelations, regular gal, hockey mom and average citizen who does not pal around with terrorists and probably does not eat arugula Sarah Palin spent more than $150,000 in donor contributions to the McCain campaign on clothes and makeup.  Since she’s only been associated with the campaign for about two months, that’s a rate of nearly $1 million per year.

Wow.  I’m sure all the Joe Sixpacks, Joe Bag o’ Donuts, Joe the Plumbers, and GI Joes out there can relate.  After all, doesn’t every middle class “real American” family spend that kind of money on looking good?  Sarah Palin just spent, in two months, nearly three times the annual salary of the average American citizen.  On clothes.

This may seem trivial to some, but it isn’t.  Remember when John Edwards was mocked for spending $400 of campaign money on a haircut?  If he’d done that once a week, it would have taken him nearly 7 1/2 years (or two terms of a presidency) to reach the stratospheric levels of public fraud that Polar Girl has reached in just two months.

But then, what did you expect from this woman?  She, after all, has a well documented propensity for wasting government and public money.  She’s been doing it her entire political career.  The mind reels at what will happen if she ever gets control of the national budget.


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