Get a rope

Posted: February 2, 2009 in america, bailout, corruption

It’s good we finally have some adult supervision in the White House.  Have I said that before?  If not, it bears repeating.  Now that the government’s first attempt at a bank bailout has gone predictably awry, what with CEOs using bailout money to pay themselves bonuses and buy jets they don’t need, it seems the Democrats have had enough:

Bailed Out Bankers To Be Hauled Before Congress

Rep. Barney Frank plans to call the heads of major bailed-out banks to testify before his committee next week, two aides to the House Financial Services Committee chairman said.

Frank, a Massachusetts Democrat, has been a vocal proponent of using federal dollars to stabilize the financial system, but has also been a harsh critic of bankers who have refused to provide Congress with information as to how the bailout funds are being used. He has also been sharply critical of the Bush administration’s use of the first half of the bailout funds, charging that it failed to oversee the program properly and didn’t use the funds to address the foreclosure crisis as Congress had intended.

Well, the truth is, that’s what happens when you throw money at people who have already proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that they’re incapable of spending it wisely.  But then, that’s how the old guard operated.  Accountability?  Who needs it?  We can trust them, after all, they’re rich!  Let’s just hand them a big fat check and not ask any questions.

Yeah, not so much.  Since then we’ve seen douchebags like John Thain, former CEO of failed bank Merrill Lynch, demonstrating his fiscal genius by spending $1.2 million of YOUR MONEY redecorating his office, the jackasses in charge of Bank of America actually plotting to go through with purchasing a $50 million jet AFTER getting bailed out with YOUR MONEY, and a host of other clueless, arrogant and stupid uses of taxpayer dollars by the self-appointed financial masters of the universe.

Well, there’s a new sherriff in town, and he’s cleaning up the place.

Hopefully, the era of “getting away with it” is finally drawing to a close.  Maybe now we’ll see some social justice in America.

  1. chamay0 says:

    It’s so refreshing to watch the adults finally take over the cookie jar. I was so tired of watching the many hands that kept dipping in that jar. Now the cookies are going to be given out responsibly.