D’ya think this would work for the Republican Party?

Posted: February 19, 2009 in Blackwater, corruption, war profiteers

When a corporation’s image becomes sufficiently tarnished that the mere mention of its name incites reactions of revulsion, the corporate masters have a choice to make.  They can either reform their company, remove the offending personnel, and resolve publicly to do better in the future, or they can do what Blackwater USA did a few days ago.

They can rebrand themselves.

Instead of being known as “Blackwater”, since God knows that name has been forever connected with massacres, abuse, and general lawlessness, the mercenary company that isn’t a mercenary company shall henceforth be known as…


Whatever the fuck that means.

According to a recent press release, the recently rebranded mercenary company will

“…will continue to provide personnel protective services for high-threat environments when needed by the U.S. government,” Blackwater president Gary Jackson said in a memo to employees, “but its primary mission will be operating our training facilities around the world, including the flagship campus in North Carolina.”

The company runs what is believed to be the world’s largest privately owned firearms training facility. Its headquarters is in the northeastern North Carolina town of Moyock, and it has smaller sites in Illinois and San Diego.

Aside from its Iraq work, the company also guards U.S. diplomats in Afghanistan. However, some members of Congress — including Sen. John Kerry, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — have called for the company to be fired.

Blackwater’s chief executive, Erik Prince, a former Navy SEAL, founded the company in 1997 in a remote, swampy area of the state. It operated in relative obscurity until the Fallujah massacre in 2004. Images of the ambush were flashed around the world after a mob dragged the bodies of the contractors through the streets and hung two charred corpses from a bridge.

The incident set off a battle that left 36 U.S. military members and 600 Iraqi civilians dead. A congressional inquiry found that the for-profit company used unarmored vehicles to save money and cut essential personnel from the mission.”

Read the full report here.

Again, it’s not so much what they do, as the fact that the existence of such a company is tolerated at all.  Erik Pri(n)ce should be treated like any other war criminal and profiteer.


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